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At California Free Trade, we are committed to providing the highest quality marijuana + natural medications to our many customers. We offer the ability to choose custom strands & flexible delivery options that best suit your needs.

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Subscription Box2

From: $75.00

Each box includes 1/8 once, with your choice of strand, as well as 2 pre-rolls and 1 edible


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Indica, Sativa, Hyrid

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One Time a Month, Twice a Month, Three Time a Month, Four Times a Month

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Find Out What Strand Is Right For You

We believe the more you know, the better you’ll be.


A short cannabis plant with dense branches and with wide leaves. India stains are best suited for nighttime use, and provide patients deep mental and physical relaxation.


A tall cannabis plant with loose branches and narrow leaves. Sativa strains are best suited for daytime use, and provides patients an elevation in mood and spirit.


A crossbred indica and sativa cannabis plant. Hybrid strains provide a wide range of physical and mental effects, depending on the unique blend.


Ingestible marijuana in the form of medicated baked treats, candies, coffee, tea, sodas, and more. Edibles come in a variety of styles and flavors to compliment your unique preference and taste.